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Criminal Defense Attorney Clark Birdsall is unique in the field of law in that he isn’t afraid to make waves and stand up for what he believes is right. He doesn’t back down from anyone,  in court or out.

While many attorneys immediately evaluate each case to see what kind of plea they would accept,  Dallas Attorney Clark Birdsall looks for real defenses first in an effort to beat your case.


Dallas Criminal Defense Attorney Clark Birdsall has the distinction of having achieved Board Certification in Criminal Law, which is given to very few lawyers. He has distinguished himself among his clients and his peers as someone who can provide quality representation inside the courtroom.

While he was working in the Dallas County District Attorney’s Office, he helped develop the Public Integrity Unit.  The goal of the unit was to act as a  watchdog to make sure the police and other public officials were doing their jobs ethically. While in that unit, he prosecuted police officers who were breaking the law and he freed citizens who were wrongfully imprisoned.

Mayor Laura Miller appointed Attorney Clark Birdsall to the Dallas Ethics Task Force,  where his job was to re-write laws in such a way that local government officials would be more accountable for their actions.

Why is Attorney Clark Birdsall so different?

For Dallas Attorney Clark Birdsall,  defending people is not just a noble calling.  There truly is nothing else he would rather be doing. He loves practicing law and fighting government oppression.

Attorney Clark Birdsall realizes that not everyone arrested is guilty,  and he loves knowing that he can make a difference and give people the defense they deserve. When he is representing you,  he is willing to go the extra mile.

If he has to,  Dallas Attorney Clark Birdsall is willing to do some of his own investigating into your case. He will subpoena witnesses, file and argue motions and do everything else you need on your case.  Then on the day of the trial,  he will pick through the testimony of all those who came to help the State make their case, showing their inconsistencies and lies.

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You can call Attorney Clark Birdsall today, and if he chooses to represent you he will charge a reasonable fee and fight hard for you.