Clark Birdsall

Dallas attorney  Clark Birdsall of the Law Office of Clark Birdsall is the attorney you want on your side when facing a criminal charge. Clark’s history as a prosecutor gives him unique insight into the mind of his opponents. He chose to leave the prosecution side to become a defense attorney for the sole purpose of righting the injustices he saw in the courtroom on a regular basis. He felt many citizens were treated unfairly when being tried for a crime. This injustice created a fire within him to change sides and begin fighting for those facing criminal charges. The following is more information about Clark Birdsall and why you need him on your side when fighting a criminal charge:

Clark Birdsall’s Accomplishments:

Clark has practiced law for over twenty eight years and has earned Board Certification in Criminal Law. This is an honor only bestowed upon the best of the best lawyers. He also had a hand in creating the Public Integrity unit of the Dallas County District Attorney’s office. This unit was formed to guard against corruption and wrongdoing in the police force and government. Clark has served as Chief of the unit for five years. During this time, he prosecuted police officers and also freed wrongly imprisoned citizens. Clark was also appointed to the Dallas Ethics Task Force by former Mayor Laura Miller. This task force was created to rewrite laws in order to hold government officials within the city to a higher level of accountability.

Dallas Attorney Clark Birdsall Will Aggressively Fight For You:

Clark has a reputation for being tough in the courtroom. He won’t back down when questioning individuals on the witness stand and he has a reputation for turning a jury in his favor. Consequently, this means you will receive a better plea deal with him as your attorney than you might have otherwise. (Prosecutors often try to get a person accused of a crime to accept a plea deal in exchange for their right to a jury trial.)

Contact The Law Office of Clark Birdsall today if you are facing a criminal charge. His practice history includes many felony cases. Therefore, no criminal charge is too big for him to tackle. Contact him today for a consultation. Remember, Clark is passionate about righting wrongs and fighting for those who are being treated unjustly. Therefore, he is ready and willing to fight hard for you, no matter your specific situation.