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Dallas Attorney Clark Birdsall has been winning cases in the courtroom for almost three decades. Unafraid to take the case to a jury, he understands how charging decisions are made by prosecutors because he used to be a prosecutor himself.

Drug Crimes

Have you been arrested and charged with a drug crime in the Dallas area? Have you been convicted of a drug crime in Texas which you intend to appeal, maybe because of evidentiary issues? If so, Dallas Attorney Clark Birdsall can help you to fight your case. He has spent decades fighting the system and helping defendants get their cases dismissed, get better deals, and get not guilty verdicts at trials.

Sexual Assault

Have you been charged with a Sexual Assault crime in the Dallas are? These are serious allegations, and you need a serious attorney to help you out. Dallas Sexual Assault Attorney Clark Birdsall has over twenty eight years representing people with all levels of criminal cases, and has worked on both sides of the courtroom.