Dallas Assault Attorney

Dallas Attorney Clark Birdsall has been winning cases in the courtroom for almost three decades.  Unafraid to take the case to a jury,  he understands how charging decisions are made by prosecutors because he used to be a prosecutor himself.

Because he has worked both sides of the courtroom,  Assault Attorney Clark Birdsall also knows that very little usually changes from the initial charges.  The original statements are taken at face value,  and even when there is an investigation,  it is usually with the bias that the original story was correct.

What makes up the Evidence in an Assault case?

Especially in assault cases, the decision to file charges at all is usually based on a statement by one person claiming to be a victim.  Often there is no corroborating evidence, and there is almost never a video or any other unbiased kind of evidence.

Even the “injuries” don’t always match the original story.  These cases almost always boil down to one person’s word over another, which means that the decision to charge or acquit may be based on which party seems more credible. Instead of making a statement to investigators,  it is better to seek advice from an attorney such as Dallas Attorney Clark Birdsall as soon as possible so that you don’t say anything that can be taken the wrong way and used against you.

How to Defend against an Assault charge

The United States Constitution guarantees you the right to a jury trial. This forces your accusers to present their story in court,  where experienced attorneys like Attorney Clark Birdsall can ask them questions and tear their stories apart.

The Constitution also protects your right to stay quiet and force the State to prove the entire case against you.  If they can’t present enough evidence in court to prove that you committed the crime,  the case is over.  Witnesses often change their stories in court or contradict themselves.

The Best Defense can be a good Offense

These cases have serious implications and you need an attorney who will fight hard to win for you. Don’t settle for someone who accepts the case at face value.

For an aggressive defense from an attorney who doesn’t back down,  call The Law Office of Clark Birdsall today for a free consultation.