Dallas Drug Crime Attorney

Have you been arrested and charged with a drug crime in the Dallas area? Have you been convicted of a drug  crime in Texas which you intend to appeal, maybe because of evidentiary issues?

If so, Dallas Attorney Clark Birdsall can help you to fight your case.  He has spent decades fighting the system and helping defendants get their cases dismissed,  get better deals,  and get not guilty verdicts at trials.

Probable Cause

Many if not most drug cases hinge  on probable cause rulings and decisions.  Drugs are illegal,  but police officers are strictly limited in how they are allowed to collect evidence when they believe a potential suspect may be dealing or in possession of drugs.

Most people don’t understand their rights when it comes to being searched, and they often unknowingly consent to a search because they don’t realize they are allowed to refuse. If you ever have any questions,  you should consult an attorney immediately.  Dallas Drug Crime Attorney Clark Birdsall will advise you not to consent to a search or make a statement until he can be present.

Evidentiary Issues

The State will need to prove you were in “knowing possession” in order to convict you on a drug case.   They often try to bypass proof that you really possessed the drugs,  or that you knew about it, by implying that since you were close to them you both possessed the drugs and knew about them.

This can get convoluted as officers, for instance,  charge everyone in a car for drugs they find in a glovebox in the hope that one of them will be convicted. Or they may search someone they think looks suspicious, then try to come up with the justification for the search after the arrest. Dallas Drug Crime Attorney Clark Birdsall loves to bring out these false justifications in court.

Fighting the System

Because of the State’s great resources,  the odds are stacked against the average criminal defendant. You need someone to help you even the odds, who will fight aggressively and cares about the unfairness of the system.

Dallas Drug Crime Attorney

If you need help with a serious criminal case in the Dallas,  Texas area,  call Dallas Drug Crime Attorney Clark Birdsall for a free consultation today.