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Have you been charged with a Sexual Assault crime in the Dallas area?  These are serious allegations, and you need a serious attorney to help you out.

Dallas Sexual Assault Attorney Clark Birdsall has over twenty eight years representing people with all levels of criminal cases, and has worked on both sides of the courtroom.

What is Sexual Assault?

The phrase “Sexual Assault” actually refers to different possible activities, all involving a sexual act being performed without consent. The lack of consent can be because of age,  intoxication,  or because there was force or threat of force.

If you are convicted of sexual assault,  you can receive a prison sentence of as little as two years, up to life.

Defenses for Sexual Assault Crimes

There are several legal defenses for Sexual Assault Crimes,  and Sexual Assault Attorney Clark Birdsall will help you explore these and other options.  The defenses listed in the statute include lack of intent,  lack of knowledge and consent.

As with other crimes,  the best outcome is if the charges are dismissed.  As someone with experience prosecuting and defending,  Sexual Assault Attorney Clark Birdsall knows how to put a case together and he knows how to pick it apart.

Other Repercussions for Sexual Assault Convictions

The first thing that suffers when you are accused of a Sexual Assault crime is your reputation, and that can follow you for the rest of your life.

Even if you move to a completely new area, your conviction for Sexual Assault will follow you if you have been placed on the Sex Crimes Registry.  The Texas Sex Crimes Registry is public, and anyone can look you up and see where you live.

Get Help Now

If you have been accused of a Sexual Assault crime, you need to defend yourself as strenuously as possible.  You need someone who can start working on the case and tearing apart the evidence as soon as possible.

Dallas Sexual Assault Attorney

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